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I beat the game of Life and all i got was this lousy T-shirt.

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Aug. 18th, 2007 | 10:17 pm
Score: Teeth grinding

Before i start, have some obligatory art. Gonna try make this routine whenever i post new entries.

I haven't posted a single journal for months, and all i have to say *now* is...

I have my PC time slashed by 1 hour. That means i have to quit at 10 pm every weekdays. My fucking nigger monkey of a stepdad's idea. I fucking hate it. Sure, it gives me less eye pain, but only so little relief. And now, my lifespan's getting shortened considerably, even if it's 1 hour off.

The reasons that factor is stacking up so quickly is because i really fucking hate it when i get interrupted with my daily affairs online, and i have to wait indefinitely for a chance to get the broken laptop i got for free fixed. And indefinitely might mean another 6 months.

And here you all thought World of Whorecraft is the bane of most kids' lives.

So now i'm writing this entry, just for the sake of hoping that the dumbfuck forget his little passing of bill in the 2nd week. I'm going to keep pissing on his puny little ass until i get that fucking laptop fixed. Boooooy am i gonna regress my mental age now.


Now that i think about it, this whole angry thing is also adding more "tension".

Last month, i went to a doujin convention and, i saw the same guy who gave me a tarot card reading with pending donations. I thought i might go and see what happens when i get this year's reading, since i couldn't remember what the last one was. I shuffled the cards like a sheep with a nut for a brain, but that was because the fortuneteller warned me to be nice to the cards, since previous readings weren't that accurate to other people.

But for some strange reason, that's what those cards didn't do to me. I don't even know him and vice versa, and yet he asked me, "Do you have an unforeseen disaster after another?" That blanked me for a few seconds before i said, "Yes." After that, he kept saying stuff that's "frighteningly accurate", as i've remarked while it went on. The whole time, the main card that was on top of all the cards in the deck is The Tower card. Great looking card, meaning... not so great. At the end of the whole reading, the fortuneteller concluded that the future isn't as bleak as i expect it to be. He did warn, however, that if i don't "lighten the hell up", i could get a mental breakdown.

*Insert stereotypical manga shock panel here*

Time kinda stood still. Or maybe that's just my hormones going WRYYYYYYYYYY on me. So, i gave him a donation of 20 cents since that was what was left of my small change at that time, and left to other parts of the venue. But the thought of me, suffering a mental breakdown, stuck to me for a while, maybe even until now. Pretty stupid for me to worry, but i am worried.

Me, suffering a mental breakdown? What's gonna happen to me? I can't be dumber than i am now after i have it... My talents are too precious to waste...

So, right now, i'm not doing anything. But i HAVE to do something. I have to figure out something. If i can't come up with something, then it's really gonna happen. Where to start looking...

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(no subject)

from: itrasbiel
date: Aug. 18th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)

I'd say anyone with any amount of familiarity with you could have told you that you stress out way too much. Because, um, you do.

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