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RIP Optical Mouse 2004?-2007

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Apr. 26th, 2007 | 03:09 am
Emotion: sadMournful

I dunno what the fuck did it, but it seems my optical mouse of 3 or so years choked on me when it keeps disconnecting, something bout "USB malfunction or whatever the fuck it was.

It was a very small Swann USB mouse, black, and sprouted random colors when it's on. It occasionally made my hand sore because it was so small and my hands are so huge.

I'm actually gonna wait a few days to see if this glitch is temporary, but if it isn't, then i'm going to miss the mardi gras lights the mouse would sputter. And i sure as fuck am gonna miss that mouse wheel and wheeling pages and quick-closing FF browser tabs.

Now i'm using my old Hewlett-Packard mouse that screeches on the fabric of the mousepad. Very primitive, but it's better than nothing. It could be the last thing i'd have before my tablet chokes too since i can use it as a mouse.

*sigh* Guess it's time i saved up for a new optical mouse big enough for my hands.


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