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18 is not a mature number.

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Apr. 20th, 2007 | 08:12 pm
Emotion: apatheticapathetic

It's funny how whenever i'm outside of the house, i'm not a raging chihuahua who tries to bark loudly.

But whenever i am, i lose control because of the nigger my mother married, and i do fuckall that's as embarassing as KurtBatz putting a faux-contract on AndreusWolf just because his temperament can get him half of what he wants.


See, that nigger wanted to install another one of this POS game he bought for my sister, much to my annoyance, since he can install it on the second computer that was upstairs. I was always under the impression that the only REAL reason why he does that is because he wants to wear a diaper and play those games HIMSELF, which is what i usually think when my sister gets bored of playing and i find him playing the games instead. I watched him getting declined in the install. process constantly, and how he stupidly tries again and again. At one point he asks me to help him, and i spat back at him that i'm following one of his rules, "eat or masturbate using the keyboard". He then, for some fucking stupid reason, restarted the computer, and broke every shit i was working on that i left on when he switched accounts. He's done this more than thrice already, and i got fuckin' pissed. So verbal fisticuffs came, and i told him that i limited his account settings all this time because i don't want him looking at my shit in spite. Because of that i made his friend from Perth (who was, at that time, on a weekly vacation) waste 8 hours of his life trying to install shit. I responded that i didn't trust people who installs shit i don't know on my computer, and i felt guilty for not telling his friend, who was a lot fuckin' nicer than the nigger, about that. So then i argued on, mom got involved, and at some point, i threatened to kick his fuckin' face if he doesn't shut the fuck up. He literally went "OOOOOOOOOOH I'M SCARED", and seeing that made me wish to say that he's lucky my mother treated me like a dog just to fuckin' cram the word "respect" into my head when i was young, because if i didn't, i would've picked up the garden hatchet i bought and fuckin' break open that shitcorn smirk of his before i hack him into 1000 fuckin' pieces. Note that he was right beside my sister, to comfort-- i mean molest her, since she's his blow-up doll, when i said that.

Now that i mentioned the important bits, my mother then tried to talk me into controlling my emotions, which i thought to myself, is still too difficult for me to do, since she herself made me like this when she was acting like the nigger in her late 20s. She always tells me that he's like a teacher, in and out of schools. I told her that she's a peabrained dipshit who can't even take one simple word of criticism. She told me to try and speak normally whenever i decline his shit, i told him that i'm not like buddha and it's a lot more difficult to do that than she thinks.

Now that fuckin' nigger's gone, and i don't know where the fuck he's gone. To be honest, i don't fuckin' care at the moment. I got a job i have to get as soon as possible, if i really want that $20/hour pay.

But more importantly, I need to figure out how i'm supposed to make less incoherent angry spatter.

I need to lie down...

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