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Boku wa SHOCK!!!

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Apr. 10th, 2007 | 12:25 pm
Emotion: surprisedsurprised

Saturday was probably the most bizarre day i've had thus far.

So i was going into Minifest: a preview convention event for the local annual con of this state in Australia. I wasn't really expecting much, since, hey, i could just goof off in the drawing room and just waste time there.

I first went to the games room to see what they got on play. But when i went to the room door, i saw a registration form for a game tourney for a game i didn't expect would appear anytime soon: Hokuto no Ken from Arc System Works. I was flabberghasted for a few seconds. After that i immediately signed up, listing as number 20. I was very excited.

The tourney itself didn't start until 1 pm, which is one hour prior to my registration, so i had time to practice the game as it was buried inside the game room.

The game disappointed me in terms of available options: contrary to public excitement, the characters are in the same numbers as the arcade version, and the controls aren't what i expect them to be since Arc System Works made them. There's not much for modes, too.

Even if the game was a bit of a letdown with the lack of characters, though, it was still an addicting game if played in the right venue.

So, anyway, i participated in the tourney, and i got into the semi-finals as Shin. The matches were VERY tense. Many times i would have less than 20% health, and i'd make it just before i get KO'd.

Unfortunately though, i lost the next round when i thought i could beat another Shin user by using Ken... That was a VERY big mistake.

But hey, i ended up in 3rd place. That's quite the achievement in my game tourney career so far.

After the game tourney, i went to the theater room for Iron Artist, which is Iron Chef with drawing and shit. There was a segment in the middle of the actual Iron Artist event that the staff would choose a member of the audience to do a quick drawing in 2 minutes of whatever keyword they get to pick. I was the second person to be chosen (after much attention whoring i made... I'm SO sorry, Tycho.), and the subject i obtained was, of all things, "romance". With that subject, I... ended up with 2 male kemono kissing. I know i heard some of the crowd say "YIFF IN HELL!", but for some reason, actually hearing that really amused me. It was strange. I usually become a bit irritated when i read it ONLINE.

Oh well. It's strange chemistry, but i'll take it.

I left that event to go into the drawing room, where a mecha class took place. I just sat there and made a few comments about sources of inspirations for mecha and a few inquiries prior to drawing a mecha. Stayed there for like an hour, i think.

One of the staff members in the con advertised that the closing ceremony would take place in the same theater, and out of curiosity, i attended. To my surprise, the staff had a copy of Hellsing Ultimate Part 1 that was to be screened right at the end of the ceremony. I haven't seen the last version of Hellsing, but the one i watched is pretty good. It's got some scenes where the animation tends to be a bit choppy, and there's also quite a lot of Engrish scenes, especially when Alexander Anderson was supposed to be reciting a line from the bible. I thought that was quite horrible, though the rest of the crowd found it to be very funny. Ah well. I still enjoyed watching it though. Quite faithful to the original.

Now that that's over, it's time for me to wait for Doujicon 2007 in july. Hopefully, when i'm a participant in Iron Artist there, i will make up for the embarassment i made in Manifest 2006.

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from: joanmichele
date: Apr. 10th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC)

Hahaha damn man, that was pretty awesome. 8D

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